Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NEW!!! MummyHugs Reversable Pouch Sling is here!

Introducing our first MummyHugs Reversible Pouch Sling!
Floral or prints on 1 side and plain on the other side. More choices to match with your outfit with just one price. Comes in Satin Cotton, Rose Silk and Japanese Satin Materials, Polyester
Now at a Introductory price of only RM89.90.(not inclusive of postage, click here to find out more on mailing charges)

(Double click on the below to get a larger view. Click here if you don't see any pictures)

Pouch Sling Sizes S, M, L applies Click here to check sizes.

Reversible Pouch Slings comes in 4 types of material.
- Polyester- (only the Brissa Black n White Floral) Smooth, not stretchable.
- Satin (Japanese) : Vibrant Colours, shiny and smooth, not stretchable.
- Satin Cotton : like Cotton but softer
- Rose Silk : Like Satin but softer, shiny and smooth
(See Captions to check which design is of what fabric)

NOTE: A gentle word of caution, due to it being 2 layer please make sure babies face is not covered and if in a crowded place, suggest to fan baby to give baby good ventilation. As there’s no official test for baby slings, MummyHugs pouch slings have been personally ‘parent’ tested to hold baby about 7-12Kg and there are no problems. Please take note of all the safety precaution and just to be safe please check that all stitches are in place after years of heavy usage.
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