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MummyHugs Baby Pouch Sling

1 Pouch Sling = RM69.90/S$30.00
(Except for the new Aqua Blue & Pink Floral RM89.90/S$39.95. This pouch is slightly more expensive as the cloth is imported. Super comfy and stretchable!)

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Pouch Sling Instructions

(I recently received a comment from a Anonymous person to put the pictures in pdf format instead. I'm so sorry for the delay as I need some time to work on it. It will be great it you can leave your email and contact details and I email it directly to you.)

Click here for more tips on wearing your pouch sling.
Click here to see more wearing instructions for pouch slings.

Classic Cotton Baby Ring Slings

1 Baby Ring Sling = RM89.90/S$39.95

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1 Baby Ring Sling = RM109.90/S$49.95

Silky Cotton Baby Ring Slings

1 Baby Ring Sling = RM109.90/S$49.95

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Baby Pouch Sling Information - Size and Difference

So what's the difference between a Ring Sling and a Pouch Sling?

How to use your pouch sling?

Using a Pouch Sling is relatively easier than a Ring Sling. There's no need to adjust the length or size. So it's just Fold it, Put it on, Slip baby in and Go! :) Take a look at the photographs for a step by step instructions.

To determine your size, measure your shoulder to your waist (just above the hip bone) see picture & follow the table below to check which size fits you best. *

Measurement from Shoulder to Waist (above hip bone) Inches
S Size 22.5"-24"
M Size 24.5"-26"
L Size 26.5"-28"

*Note: You do not need to change the size of pouch sling if your baby grows older and bigger. Size & weight of the baby doesnt really matter unless your baby is very much bigger than normal. It really depends on the wearer :) Do not get too big a size, because you need to wear your baby snug and fit. It'll be more comfortable for your back and for the baby.

Unless you have a bigger bust or you have a baby who is way bigger than average weight, go one size bigger.

Currently we only have S, M & L size, if your measurements does not fit into this table, we recommend that you consider a rings sling instead. Kindly indicate your choice of pouch design upon checkout by writing in the Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order.

Stretch Cotton Baby Ring Sling

1 Baby Ring Sling RM109.90/S$49.95

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Featuring our Stretch Cotton Collection
These trendy, vibrant colours are sure to spice up your wardrobe. These stretch cottons are 95% Cotton with 5% slight stretch on the width for easy adjustment and to give your baby a snug fit. This collection comes with fresh, sweet and cool borders. Some of the borders come concealed or on both sides.

Concealed borders means they only peek out a little bit from the outside and there's a 2 inch border on the inside. You can also reverse this sling to have to border show on the outside. Will update with more pictures to show how it actually looks like. :)

Batik Cotton Baby Ring Sling

1 Baby Ring Sling = RM109.90/S$49.95

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Tropical Cotton Baby Ring Sling

1 Baby Ring Sling = RM109.90/S$49.95

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Baby Ring Sling Instructions

Order &Payment

Scroll down to the end of this page and complete the ORDER REQUEST FORM

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For Malaysia :

1) We take Bank transfer to Maybank account: A/c no:501132153711 MummyHugs

*Please call/sms ( +60 167585842 /+65 97466420 )/email ( me once you have done your payment.

2) Check payable to MummyHugs, Maybank account . Or mailed to : Suite 808, 8th Floor, City Plaza, 21, Jalan Tebrau, Johor Bahru ,80300, Johor, Malaysia (Please indicate my bank a/c number: 501132153711 at the back of the cheque.)

3) Cash on delivery, store pick up: Only in Johor Bahru or Singapore

For Singapore :

1) We take Bank transfer to DBS Bank Savings Plus account: 017 8 077 916, Shirin Tan

2) Personal check payable to Shirin Tan to be banked into DBS Bank Ltd (Please indicate my bank a/c number: 017 8 077 916 at the back of the cheque.)

*Please call/sms (+60 167585842 /+65 97466420 )/email ( me once you have done your payment.

3) Cash on delivery, store pick up: Only in Johor Bahru or Singapore

For international customer :

1) Bank Transfer
We take bank transfer/tele-transfer, below are the details you need to provide to your bank:
BANK NAME: Maybank
BANK BRANCH: Jalan Larkin Branch
BANK ADDRESS: 113-5 Jalan Glasiar, Taman Tasek, 80200, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
ACCOUNT NO.: 501132153711

2)PAYPAL or Credit Card via Paypal.
*Please note that if making payment by Paypal or credit card, the currency will be in US$. The rate will be charged according to Paypal exchange rate. Upon confirmation of order, I will send you a payment request via email. Please follow the email link, key in your credit card details to make payment.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby sling and other Products that we offer

At MummyHugs, besides Baby Ring and Pouch Sling, we offer many other products as well.
-LittleBubbly Nursing Covers
-LittleBubbly 3-in-1 Diaper Bag-which converts into a Nursing Cover & Blanket
-LittleBubbly Diaper Cakes ( Unique Gift Hampers which Consist of Useful Baby Items )
-Fabulous Mom Nursing Bra RM29.90-Rm49.90
-Milky Way Nursing clothes
-Mummy'sMilk Baby Advocacy Tees
-Baby/Toddler Books
-Buds Baby Lotion and Creams
-Buds Mother stretch Mark creams

( These items will be up soon)

About Us

MummyHugs baby sling are designed to let modern parents carry on with their active lifestyle with their babies. As parents ourselves, we know how babies just don't want to be left alone sometimes, so with a sling and your happy contented in it, you can shop, eat, travel, do your chores at home or even going to the rest room! You don’t have to leave your baby crying and fussing anymore!

MummyHugs innovated the traditional style sling with 2 strong and secured rings which have been tested to hold up to 50kg of weight over 48 hour period. (See Safety & Care) The loose fabric end when threaded through interlocking rings,allows the sling to be easily adjusted with one hand. Our baby sling comes in a variety of fun design, quality fabrics and colours that have been lovingly selected for concern parents like you.
Enjoy carrying your baby today!

Our Story

Our Humble Story
The image that came across my mind when I first heard of baby sarong sling, was how the women in the villages carry their babies while they go out to the padi fields to work. Little did I know that there's more to the simple act of just carrying a baby. (see 'Why wear your baby?')

I was first introduced to the baby by my sister in law, when Tristan, my first baby boy, was 3 months old. I was surprised at how contented and happy he felt while sitting, sleeping and feeding in the sling. He didn't fuss much and I felt free to move around the house while carrying him in the sling.

Chris ( my husband) and I love travelling and exploring new places, new cultures and food! (esp. road side stalls... if you know what I mean :). Since Tristan came into our lives, our dreams were ....over....and so we thought! We are no longer two but three, we cant even bear the thought of leaving him behind. So with a baby sling, off we went everywhere with Tristan safe in my arms. We didn’t have to miss out on the bargaining and crowded market places as he would sleep and feed whenever he wants to. And it's amazing how much a baby learns when you travel together, experiencing different environment and situation.

After becoming a mom, I realized it was a full time job and I wanted to spend more time with my little one. Nursing him as long as I can, bond and grow with him. However I live in this world where we need to survive with a source of income. I realized that the best thing would be to start something that will allow me to work from home. My experience of using the baby sling and breastfeeding has motivated me to share it with others. So what better option then to start an online shop providing baby slings and encourage breastfeeding? That's how MummyHugs came into being! :o)

Of course, not forgetting my dear my husband for being my pillar of strength and for helping me get this started. Without him I guess this idea will only remain as an idea. I like to also thank my sister in law for this heaven sent gift of the sling and all the encouragement she has given me to persevere with breastfeeding.

Our goal here at MummyHugs is to encourage breastfeeding, positive parenting through use of virtues, reading wonderful books and prayers, and use of great quality baby & mummy products and clothes.

As we are just starting off on this adventure, please let us know how we can make your shopping experience easier and enjoyable. Or if you have great fun ideas or suggestion that you cant wait to share it with us, please drop me an email at

Once again, thanks for dropping by!

Why wear your baby?

Why wear your baby in a baby sling?

- Great for breastfeeding mom At MummyHugs we passionately support breastfeeding. Baby sling lets a mother breastfeed discreetly in public, it satisfies frequent nurser, and lets the mother move about while nursing.

- Babies are happier and more contented Research shows that babies who are carried often cry less and are more contented.

- Calms Babies As fetus is curled up in the mother’s womb, the new born is comfortable and reassured when she is carried in a sling, closed to your heart. It comforts her as she listens to the familiar sound of a mother’s heartbeat.

- Bonding between parent and baby The close physical contact lets mother and baby connect and bond. A great way for a father to bond with the baby. It also helps a working parent reconnect with baby after a long day.

- Makes you more attentive as a parent When held close, parents can actually ‘sense’ their baby’s changing mood, needs. It helps you read and understand your baby’s cues.

- Babies are smarter Contended babies who cry and fuss less, spend more time observing and learning about the world around them as you go about your daily activities. These experiences stimulate nerves in the brain to branch out and connect with other nerves, helping the brain grow and develop.

- Enhance speech development Babies carried seems to be more attentive and clicks into a conversation like they are part of it. This is because babies are up at eye and voice level; he is more involved and learns speech and the ability to listen more quickly.

- Hands free With the baby in the sling and your hands free, you are able to around easily, and be able to do chores around the house or pop out to the shop or visit friends. It also lets you have that extra pair of hands to hold on to your toddler and spend time with your older children.

- Makes going out/traveling easier With a baby sling, you can move around easily especially where pushing a stroller is not possible with the uneven pavement. It lets you go places where you otherwise won’t.

- Premature babies benefit greatly from being held Kangaroo Care Studies have shown that premature babies who are held close to the mother’s body thrive better and helps them regulate body temperature, breathing and a mother’s heartbeat makes them feel more secure.

- Better for your back MummyHugs baby sling distributes the weight of your baby more evenly across your whole back. With the right posture, it actually makes it more comfortable than carrying a baby in arms.

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