Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why wear your baby?

Why wear your baby in a baby sling?

- Great for breastfeeding mom At MummyHugs we passionately support breastfeeding. Baby sling lets a mother breastfeed discreetly in public, it satisfies frequent nurser, and lets the mother move about while nursing.

- Babies are happier and more contented Research shows that babies who are carried often cry less and are more contented.

- Calms Babies As fetus is curled up in the mother’s womb, the new born is comfortable and reassured when she is carried in a sling, closed to your heart. It comforts her as she listens to the familiar sound of a mother’s heartbeat.

- Bonding between parent and baby The close physical contact lets mother and baby connect and bond. A great way for a father to bond with the baby. It also helps a working parent reconnect with baby after a long day.

- Makes you more attentive as a parent When held close, parents can actually ‘sense’ their baby’s changing mood, needs. It helps you read and understand your baby’s cues.

- Babies are smarter Contended babies who cry and fuss less, spend more time observing and learning about the world around them as you go about your daily activities. These experiences stimulate nerves in the brain to branch out and connect with other nerves, helping the brain grow and develop.

- Enhance speech development Babies carried seems to be more attentive and clicks into a conversation like they are part of it. This is because babies are up at eye and voice level; he is more involved and learns speech and the ability to listen more quickly.

- Hands free With the baby in the sling and your hands free, you are able to around easily, and be able to do chores around the house or pop out to the shop or visit friends. It also lets you have that extra pair of hands to hold on to your toddler and spend time with your older children.

- Makes going out/traveling easier With a baby sling, you can move around easily especially where pushing a stroller is not possible with the uneven pavement. It lets you go places where you otherwise won’t.

- Premature babies benefit greatly from being held Kangaroo Care Studies have shown that premature babies who are held close to the mother’s body thrive better and helps them regulate body temperature, breathing and a mother’s heartbeat makes them feel more secure.

- Better for your back MummyHugs baby sling distributes the weight of your baby more evenly across your whole back. With the right posture, it actually makes it more comfortable than carrying a baby in arms.

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