Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Story

Our Humble Story
The image that came across my mind when I first heard of baby sarong sling, was how the women in the villages carry their babies while they go out to the padi fields to work. Little did I know that there's more to the simple act of just carrying a baby. (see 'Why wear your baby?')

I was first introduced to the baby by my sister in law, when Tristan, my first baby boy, was 3 months old. I was surprised at how contented and happy he felt while sitting, sleeping and feeding in the sling. He didn't fuss much and I felt free to move around the house while carrying him in the sling.

Chris ( my husband) and I love travelling and exploring new places, new cultures and food! (esp. road side stalls... if you know what I mean :). Since Tristan came into our lives, our dreams were ....over....and so we thought! We are no longer two but three, we cant even bear the thought of leaving him behind. So with a baby sling, off we went everywhere with Tristan safe in my arms. We didn’t have to miss out on the bargaining and crowded market places as he would sleep and feed whenever he wants to. And it's amazing how much a baby learns when you travel together, experiencing different environment and situation.

After becoming a mom, I realized it was a full time job and I wanted to spend more time with my little one. Nursing him as long as I can, bond and grow with him. However I live in this world where we need to survive with a source of income. I realized that the best thing would be to start something that will allow me to work from home. My experience of using the baby sling and breastfeeding has motivated me to share it with others. So what better option then to start an online shop providing baby slings and encourage breastfeeding? That's how MummyHugs came into being! :o)

Of course, not forgetting my dear my husband for being my pillar of strength and for helping me get this started. Without him I guess this idea will only remain as an idea. I like to also thank my sister in law for this heaven sent gift of the sling and all the encouragement she has given me to persevere with breastfeeding.

Our goal here at MummyHugs is to encourage breastfeeding, positive parenting through use of virtues, reading wonderful books and prayers, and use of great quality baby & mummy products and clothes.

As we are just starting off on this adventure, please let us know how we can make your shopping experience easier and enjoyable. Or if you have great fun ideas or suggestion that you cant wait to share it with us, please drop me an email at shirin@mummyhugs.com

Once again, thanks for dropping by!

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groovychick said...

hi shirin, this is shareen. found your blog through ehomemakers.net. anyways, i love your story :-).

i want to order one of the baby pouches but the smallest size you carry is S right? any chance that you now have XS?

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