Tuesday, June 24, 2008

About Us

MummyHugs baby sling are designed to let modern parents carry on with their active lifestyle with their babies. As parents ourselves, we know how babies just don't want to be left alone sometimes, so with a sling and your happy contented in it, you can shop, eat, travel, do your chores at home or even going to the rest room! You don’t have to leave your baby crying and fussing anymore!

MummyHugs innovated the traditional style sling with 2 strong and secured rings which have been tested to hold up to 50kg of weight over 48 hour period. (See Safety & Care) The loose fabric end when threaded through interlocking rings,allows the sling to be easily adjusted with one hand. Our baby sling comes in a variety of fun design, quality fabrics and colours that have been lovingly selected for concern parents like you.
Enjoy carrying your baby today!

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