Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Pouch Sling Information - Size and Difference

So what's the difference between a Ring Sling and a Pouch Sling?

How to use your pouch sling?

Using a Pouch Sling is relatively easier than a Ring Sling. There's no need to adjust the length or size. So it's just Fold it, Put it on, Slip baby in and Go! :) Take a look at the photographs for a step by step instructions.

To determine your size, measure your shoulder to your waist (just above the hip bone) see picture & follow the table below to check which size fits you best. *

Measurement from Shoulder to Waist (above hip bone) Inches
S Size 22.5"-24"
M Size 24.5"-26"
L Size 26.5"-28"

*Note: You do not need to change the size of pouch sling if your baby grows older and bigger. Size & weight of the baby doesnt really matter unless your baby is very much bigger than normal. It really depends on the wearer :) Do not get too big a size, because you need to wear your baby snug and fit. It'll be more comfortable for your back and for the baby.

Unless you have a bigger bust or you have a baby who is way bigger than average weight, go one size bigger.

Currently we only have S, M & L size, if your measurements does not fit into this table, we recommend that you consider a rings sling instead. Kindly indicate your choice of pouch design upon checkout by writing in the Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order.

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