Saturday, July 9, 2011

Confinement Binder, Avent & Buds Special Promotion!

Confinement Binder - RM 55

Also known as “bengkung”; have been used by Javaneese women for centuries as the answer to sliming. The binder is a long abdominal sash that is bound tightly round the abdomen and hip areas. We bring you the modern day binder that gives you the ease of use while achieving the maximum desired results of the traditional binder.

Why use the binder?

This body wrapping was used as a process for women to regain their figures after giving birth. It is still commonly used today and is done for 40 days after having a baby to rid the midriff from post birth bagginess. The ancient practice of body wrapping together with “jamu” or herbs will help firm the abdominal muscles, lighten stretch marks and help re-position the uterus. It is also believed to help rid of the excess wind, restore muscles tones thus quickening the process by which the mother shed the extra weight out on during pregnancy.

Our binder is made of 2 types of cloth – “kain belacu” and dark color cotton cloth at the inner abdominal side to avoid stain due to oilment application. It comes with 2 different sizes ranging from size S - M ( based on your waist measurement).

Size Chart(based your waist measurement):
S - 24" - 30"
M - 30" - 36"


Philips Avent Manual Pump Set - RM 280
(original price RM 389.90)

Philips Avent 4 Breast Milk Container - RM 50
(original price RM 65.90)

Philips Avent ISIS Breast Pump with 2 Milk Storage Bottles - RM 185
(original price RM 219.90)

BUDS Mozzie Clear Lotion - RM 20
(original price RM 35.90)

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