Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marching into 2012

Dear Customers, 
Here is the latest update of the available and new stock as of March 2012. For the month of March and April 2012 we are giving away Buds Mossie Clear lotion & MummyHugs Baby Blanket for free when you purchase a MummyHugs Baby Sling worth RM149.90 through our website. Read the previous post for more information on these 2 month's specials! Hurry While Stock Last!!!
All Prices do not include Postage. Please kindly add an additional RM10 for Postage within West Malaysia, and RM15 for postage East Malaysian address. For other countries please contact us for more information. +60167585842 / +60127448452
--------------------------Current available Baby Ring Sling----------------------------
( To be updated with pictures shortly)

Bond Blue RM129.90
Bond Pink RM129.90

Bond Yellow RM129.90

Codell Black with Velvet Cow Prints (Concealed borders) RM149.90
Black with Abstract Orange & Green Borders (Concealed borders) RM129.90

Pia Pink with Floral borders RM149.90
Orva Olive with Floral borders RM149.90

Mable Maroon with Floral borders RM149.90

Gold with Cream borders RM149.90
Trevish Dark Blue Satin Silk with Delightful fish borders RM149.90
Turquoise with abstract Turquoise and Purple borders RM129.90
Wayfarer Organic Cotton
Tropical Dark blue with Yellow tulip flowers RM149.90

Renae Red with Floral Borders RM129.90
(100% Cotton)

Perri Pink with Designer Cute Monkey Borders RM149.90 
(100% Cotton)
Perri means Stranger in Latin, Sweet Monkey Designer Borders by Sevenberries.

Tamiko Turqoise with Designer floral borders RM149.90 Tamiko in Japanese means The most beautiful Child
(100% Cotton)
Designer Floral Borders by Sevenberries.

Oakley Little Orange Flowers RM129.90
(100% Japanese Cotton)

Butterfly Green with beautiful butterfly borders RM129.90

Ohio Orangy Yellow with Sweet Berries RM129.90

Shanelle Sea Green with Sweet Florals RM129.90

((imported Bali Batik Cottons, gets softer with each wash)
Bali Red Faces RM89.90 

Pouch Slings RM69.90 - RM99.90 each. Please send in your order form and we will advice the exact payment.

Please allow 1-2 Working days for delivery to West Malaysia Address, at least 3 working days for East Malaysian addresses.

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