Thursday, July 31, 2008

MummyHugs Celebrates World Breastfeeding Day 2008

The Annual World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2008 is here!
August 1st-7th 2008.
Theme for this year: Mother Support - Going for the Gold

In conjunction with the Olympics in August, WBW 2008 calls for greater support for mothers in achieving the gold standard of infant feeding: breastfeeding exclusively for six months, and providing appropriate complementary foods with continued breastfeeding for up to two years or beyond.
The reason that inspired MummyHugs' existence is because of the love for my son. I quit my job so that I can nurse my baby and spend more time with him and hence I created MummyHugs. MummyHugs has enable me to work from home, continue to nurse my son till 2 years 2 months and provide support to other mothers to breastfeed.

Beside all the great nutrition and antibodies that breast milk contains, breastfeeding is more than just providing physical food for a baby. To me, it creates a strong bond between a mother and child and this relationship continue to flourish even when the child weans. For me, it 'forces' me to slow down in life and just spend quiet moments feeding my son. When I was working full time, I express my milk at work to continue to keep giving my son the best. It reminded me that I am a mother and it helps me to reconnect with my son when I return from work.

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, and showing our gratitude to God and mother nature for this gift of 'liquid gold', MummyHugs will be holding a sale of 25% for all slings in the month of August 2008.
Free Shipping for purchases over RM150.00 (For Malaysia, Singapore only. Promotion valid until 31st August 2008, The RM150.00 is applicable after the discounted price.)

Here are also some activities which MummyHugs will be participating during WBW.

1) Sun 2nd August 2008- Cellsafe Seminar:Crystal Crown Hotel-JB
MummyHugs is Sponsoring $250 worth of baby sling

2) Sun 10th August 2008-Cellsafe Seminar: Selesa Hotel-Pasir Gudang
MummyHugs is Sponsoring $250 worth of baby sling

3) Sat 16th August 2008- Breastfeeding Mother Support Group Singapore (BMSG)Celebrating WBW
Venue : National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) Time:12.30pm -4pm
MummyHugs will be setting up a booth, we will be retailing Baby Slings, Nursing Cover, Nursing Pillows etc... There'll be a special price for all baby slings on that day!<
For more info check out the website

To read more on World Breastfeeding Week and see what countries around the world are doing: Click here.

The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) is a global network of individuals organisations concerned with the protection, promotion & support of breastfeeding worldwide.
For more information you can contact me at +6016 7585842

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