Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Safety and Care

Safety and Care

How safe are our baby slings and our rings?

I would like to begin by saying that there's no official safety standards for baby slings. At MummyHugs we want to make sure that our baby slings are safe to carry your precious one. First we tested our slings ourselves by hanging a 50KG weight to one ring over 48 hours and there were no changes to the ring.

Results were encouraging but we were not 100% satisfied with our own test, and so we sent our rings and slings for a more professional testing at Sirim Berhad.

At Sirim Berhad 2 tests were conducted:
1st - how heavy can the ring carry before it gives way:
Result was 230kg.

2nd - if the ring sling can carry the weight of 50kg over a period of 48 hours.
Results was yes, there was no change to the slings and rings.

Conclusion: You can rest assure on the quality of the rings and our slings!

As for Pouch Sling, we have not sent if for professional testing but I personally have carried my 2 year old son who weighs 11kg in it and no problems! The stiches used when sewing are very strong and reliable.

However other safety measures must be taken when carrying your baby in our slings.

- Initially, help to support your baby in your sling with your hands. When you get used to the extra weight and learn to balance properly, you will feel confident enough to go "hands free."

- Do not wear your baby in a sling in potentially unsafe situations, like by a cooking stove, when drinking (or carrying) hot beverages, or when using sharp knives.

- Bend at the knees if you have to pick up an object, keeping one hand on the baby.

- Remember that toddlers have long reaches, so keep well away from dangerous objects when carrying them in slings.

- Walk carefully around corners and through doors.

- When traveling, babies should only ride in approved infant seats made for cars or bicycles, never in slings.

Washing Instructions for our slings.

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